Various Disciplines

Various Disciplines


Language is the source of communication. It’s the way through which we share ideas and thoughts with others. If we see educational field we will find children are taught and encouraged to teach English on starting levels. In the same way, the English faculty of ASP Public School, Ghansoli, with its qualified and dedicated teachers, to its credit, able to teach English as a multi skill with listening, reading, speaking and writing as the major components. The English language teachers here believe and understand that English as a language cannot just taught like other subjects.

Modernized Labs

The students of ASP also make use of the computerized and equipped with multimedia software in classes-made for learning of language as a skill, LCD Projector and various audio visual aids.


Inculcating the basics in Indian Tradition, yoga classes not only aid the flexibility of the student, but also enhances concentration, posture, physical and mental well-being of the student, while simultaneously inculcating discipline in their daily routine.