Pre-Primary section of ASP School has Child Friendly Atmosphere as each child is different in learning and all need Attention and Care.


Primary Section of ASP School provides children with a Nurturing Environment that helps them to grow with their Full Potential.


ASP Secondary School provides quality education to young children with Academic Excellence, Social, Ethical and Spiritual Awareness.

Senior Secondary

In Our ASP Senior Secondary School we are enhancing students in building up their Personalities and Establishing new standards.

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ASP PUBLIC SCHOOL of NaviMumbai Mahila Utkarsh Mandal a Premier Educational Institution believe in providing quality education located in Ghansoli of the fast growing 21st Century city Navimumbai, Enlightnening education through technology for the forth coming generation empower knowledge and skills, to develop students based on the skills as to enable them to face ever changing demands of the world.

We are Aimed to achieve through its motto DARE TO LEAD and developing students for their overall development in their personalities.


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Dear Sir/Madam, We wish to enquire about you and your wellness.We hope you and your family are doing well and all your loved ones are safe and sound. We pray to God that we all come out of this global pandemic situation as soon as possible with good health.
We are always there to help in any circumstances.
ASP Public School

प्रिय महोदय / महोदया, आम्ही आपल्याबद्दल आणि आपल्या निरोगीपणाबद्दल चौकशी करू इच्छितो. आम्ही आशा करतो की आपण आणि आपले कुटुंब चांगले कार्य करीत आहे आणि आपले सर्व प्रियजन सुरक्षित आहेत. आम्ही भगवंताला प्रार्थना करतो की आपण सर्व चांगल्या आरोग्यासह या जागतिक महामारीतून लवकरात लवकर बाहेर येऊ.
आम्ही कोणत्याही परिस्थितीत मदत करण्यासाठी नेहमीच असतो.
एएसपी पब्लिक स्कूल

Dear Parents, As per instructions received from Central Government and Government of Maharashtra, school will remain closed till 3rd May 2020 for all the students as a precautionary measure to combat the coronavirus outbreak.
Please stay safe.
ASP Public School

As the COVID-19 pandemic sweeps the world, ASP Public School parent has taken the initiative to make change in society by spreading awareness amongst people about this global pandemic. Our student Vedika Kale of Senior Kg and her father Girish Kale had made a video where both of them have participated and motivating us to follow of lockdown.
Watch the video :

We are extremely proud to announce that 3 students from ASP Public School are among the ALL INDIA RANK in AIMS exam 2019. Students names are:
class 2nd student Anushka Kamble
class 3rd student Shreya Kashid
class 6th student Reena Suvarna
Keep it up!!!
Congratulations to all the students of AIMS those who have participated for 2019.