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Asp Public School


Ghansoli, Navi Mumbai

Principal's Desk


Dear Parents,

Let’s enjoy  this tremendous success as we step higher and celebrate the fifth year of our establishment. The growth trajectory of ASP PUBLIC SCHOOL  in the past year has been spectacular. We have created esplanade here so that the future can be prodigious.

A river begins from a trickle, till by degrees it surges into a steady flow.A songster warbles from a low note to reach a high spiracle soprano. Everything in nature has the knack of growing and spreading, not suddenly, but gradually. We have created grades, but our purpose is to go above them. We have developed an intellectual bond with our students so that we can lay greater emphasis at all levels and build their capacity as well in academic areas.

These words would be empty without an acknowledgement to our school Chairperson Mrs. Harpreet Kaur who with her massive support pushed us to aspire; the parents whose participation has always made a difference, the faculty who have been persistent through this journey and the students with their courage. Every single one of you have given more than what was expected of you, and therefore, take a moment to applaud yourself.

At  ASP PUBLIC SCHOOL  we have undertaken the task to make a difference for a better tomorrow, to stoke the revolutionary age that we expect will challenge the limits of traditionalism.We have come this far, but we have miles to go. We will not rest on our achievements. We must keep up at our current pace and help our students to prepare for the dynamics that direct their lives. Knowing the zeal in the hearts of us Aspians, we are certainly ready to set our sight at high peak, rise to such heights and conquer the world.


With Best Wishes….


Avneet Kaur


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